People are different but almost everyone can benefit from some form of professional addiction treatment. Maybe the support of a group of other people learning to cope with the same problem can help you stay motivated. Maybe that would be all you need. If so there are many self help groups out there just for that purpose (e.g. AA, NA – see links for meeting schedules).

Sometimes people have difficulty stopping initially because the withdrawal symptoms they go through when they stop are very uncomfortable. They appreciate the support of a Withdrawal Management Center (Detox) that can safely support them while they are going through this. They might even be able to provide some medication initially to help you through the pain of withdrawal.

For some, self help support is not enough. They realize that achieving a goal of abstinence also involves learning to enjoy a new lifestyle that doesn’t include getting high. It might also involve learning new ways to cope with problems that were previously neglected or minimized through alcohol or drug use. For this kind of learning it is often helpful to enroll in a structured program that includes education and skills training as well as support. In addition, one can benefit from the experience and training of the professional counsellors who do the teaching and who facilitate the programs.