Who is this Program For?

This program is for young women, aged 24 or younger, who are pregnant or parent children under 6 years of age and who are experiencing difficulty related to alcohol and/or drugs. Rideauwood offers services to St. Mary’s Home and Outreach Centre to help pregnant young women and mothers.

How will this Program Help?

This program will help young women, up to 24 years of age, who:

  • Need an assessment and/or counselling for substance use
  • Are trying to reduce or stop using while pregnant or parenting
  • Are trying to prevent a relapse while pregnant, parenting or as a partner
  • Have been affected by parent’s or family member’s use of alcohol and/or drugs

Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services provides services for pregnant and parenting young women who have been affected by substance use. Rideauwood will provide counselling, education and advocacy to help pregnant and parenting young women assess their current situation, prioritize choices, set goals and successfully address their alcohol and/ or drug use, to ensure a healthy pregnancy and/or parenting experience.

How does the Program Work?

The Early Childhood Development Program (ECD) is delivered by a Rideauwood Addictions Counsellor at St. Mary’s Home and Outreach Centre in collaboration with Amethyst Women’s Addiction Treatment Centre. It is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

  • This program offers substance use services to pregnant or parenting young women who require drug and alcohol assessments, motivational counselling, referral to treatment programs, advocacy, and recovery/aftercare counselling.
  • Drug and Alcohol Education.

Getting Started

For more information on education and counselling services at St. Mary’s Home Community Outreach and Program Centre, please contact:

St. Mary’s Outreach Centre
780 rue de l’eglise
Ottawa, ON
Tel: 613-749-2491 x 705


Our Funders/Partners for the Pregnant & Parenting Young Women Program are: