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The Ottawa Drug Treatment Court (DTC) is a court specially designed to deal with non-violent, repeat offenders who are addicted to drugs. Participants receive treatment tailored to their particular needs while appearing in Court weekly. Eligibility:

  • Applicants must accept responsibility for the offence and be willing to enter a guilty plea. However, sentencing is delayed: if the offender is successful in the program they will receive a sentence other than jail.
  • The program is completely voluntary.
  • The applicant must have an outstanding, non-violent, Criminal Code charge that is related to drug addiction (i.e. stealing to support a drug habit). These would include offences of theft, break and enter (non-residential), possession, trafficking, mischief, failing to comply, communication for the purposes of prostitution, etc. The applicant may also have an outstanding Controlled Drugs and Substances Act charge, such as possession of drugs, possession for the purpose, or “street level” trafficking, but only on a scale to maintain a drug habit.
  • The applicant must be approved by the Crown Attorney, Rideauwood, and the Drug Treatment Court judge.


This Program will help by help participants in a number of ways:

  • Treatment is provided by Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services in conjunction with a number of community-based partners,
  • Participants receive assistance to ensure their basic needs are met for housing, food, medical care, and any needed mental health services,
  • Participants will also receive assistance with job search/readiness, and/or education upgrading.


  • Participants receive an in-depth assessment to determine their suitability for the program. This usually begins while in custody.
  • Once accepted, participants attend Rideauwood daily for individual and group counselling
  • Participants are expected to provide random urine samples on a weekly basis
  • Participants and Rideauwood staff attend Court every week to report directly to the DTC judge on their progress or on any difficulties they are having
  • The DTC judge will encourage and reward success and honesty, but may also sanction any problem behaviour or dishonesty. In some cases, the judge may expel a participant from the program for repeated or very serious issues. A participant expelled from the program would proceed to sentencing in a regular court
  • The program lasts for a minimum of nine months. Participants who have been successful in meeting treatment goals for drug use and have made improvements in their lifestyle will receive a sentence that does not involve going to jail


In all cases the accused person must complete an application and a brief questionnaire. These forms must be completed with the assistance of either defense counsel or duty counsel. If you, or someone you know might be eligible for Drug Treatment Court, encourage them to speak to their lawyer. Lawyers may obtain application packages from the Crown Attorney’s office. Les services du Tribunal de traitement de la toxicomanie d’Ottawa sont accessibles en français et anglais. Cliquez icipour voir le site web français.

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