To offer an out-patient treatment program for men and women addicted to alcohol and/or other mood altering chemicals.


To help addicted people through counselling, education and discussion to:

  • Understand the nature of addiction and begin to overcome fear and avoidance in dealing with it.
  • Understand more fully what addiction has cost in physical, financial, emotional, social and spiritual terms and maintain their motivation to work actively towards achieving a more satisfying lifestyle.
  • Learn to talk openly about problems and feelings with others who share similar experiences.
  • Learn new skills for recognizing blocks to recovery, for coping with day to day stressors and problems and for building satisfying relationships with self and others.
  • Develop an ongoing support network in the community to assist in strengthening and maintaining positive change.

Program Description:

Telephone Intake Screening:  Clients make an appointment for a telephone intake and  are briefly screened during this appointment.  Clients are then either referred to a more appropriate facility or added to our waiting list for earliest possible admission into the program.  Every effort is made to move people into the group as quickly as possible.

Upfront Group:  This is a 3 week pre-admission group and requires attendance to all 3 sessions.   Attending this group, will give participants the opportunity to gain deeper awareness of their substance use and a clearer understanding of whether the Adult Treatment Program is best suited for their recovery needs. Exploring some recovery strategies, assessing risk related to substance use and community resources are all part of this group.

Should it appear that more help is needed to break the addiction cycle, clients will be referred to more appropriate services.


Stabilization Group:  This group is a 12 week program that offers counselling, support, and addiction psychoeducation.  The group is both a stand-alone program and a first phase of treatment.  At the end of 12 weeks, there is the option to either graduate or continue on to the longer term adult program.  Each client will receive an individual counsellor within the first month to help to determine treatment goals and offer support.  Themes of the psychoeducational component include relapse prevention, understanding thoughts and emotions, the science of addiction and coping skills.

Individual Counselling:  During the Stabilization phase clients will be assigned a primary counsellor who will be available for support for the duration of the program the client is in. A comprehensive assessment will be conducted to help determine treatment goals.

PHASE 2 → PREPARATION – Wednesday Evenings for 10 weeks.

Clients who continue into the long term program will attend a weekly 1½ hour evening group for 10 weeks.  Preparation group involves insight-oriented therapy, and focuses on personal growth and change. In this group clients will strengthen their recovery while getting to know one another and learn how to work as a group. It also serves to prepare clients for the group therapy portion of the 10-day program.

PHASE 3 → 10-DAY TREATMENT – (5 times yearly)

The 10-Day Program involves daily attendance (from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), Monday through Friday, for 2 consecutive weeks. During this time, clients work as a group in interpersonal group therapy to identify impacts of addiction, understand anger and shame, explore defenses, develop stress management skills and create a recovery plan.

PHASE 4 → CONTINUING AFTERCAREWednesday Evenings for 8 weeks.

During this final phase, participants attend a weekly 1½ hour evening group for a total of 8 weeks.  This group maintains an abstinence focus and continues the work participants accomplished through all the previous stages. It offers both group therapy and relapse prevention and aims to solidify all the experience and knowledge gained in the program.


If interested, please call 613.724.4881 and ask to book a telephone intake appointment.
Cost: This program is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and is free for residents of Ontario. Out of province residents should call to discuss treatment options at Rideauwood.

  • Our Funders/Partners for the Adult Addictions Program are: